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Education in the Environment: Forever Earth and Discover Mojave Outdoor World

Forever Earth is a floating environmental laboratory and learning center at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The facility includes a customized 70-foot houseboat and a research barge. Forever Earth encourages local youth to participate in hands-on learning activities about the sciences, particularly limnology and water quality, but also other disciplines (e.g., biology, math, physics, and cultural and social sciences). The Forever Earth project was created through a partnership between Fun Country Marine Industries and the Outside Las Vegas Foundation. Funding for this program ended on May 31, 2011.

Discover Mojave Outdoor World introduces at-risk urban youth, ages 8-16, to outdoor recreation and environmental education. The program’s basis is that outdoor recreation and the environment play an important and positive role in American culture, health, and fitness. Funding for this program ended on May 31, 2011.






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