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Environmental Education Strategy Program

Allison Brody
Dr. Allison Brody
Project Manager - Environmental Education Strategy Program - UNLV
Phone: 702-895-5097
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The Institute is developing and implementing an area-wide Outdoor Environmental Education Strategy for Southern Nevada, including:

  • an assessment of existing and proposed place-based education programs in Southern Nevada,
  • identification of gaps and areas of overlap in existing programs, and
  • assessment of the delivery of these programs.

With these data we will create a 5-year strategic plan for outdoor environmental education. The plan will include goals, objectives, desired future conditions, and a 5-year implementation plan.

The Institute is working with the federal agencies, local municipalities, school district, museums, and cultural organizations to develop the area-wide strategic plan.

EE Conference 2010

  • 2010 Educators Conference
  • Environmental Education Strategy for Southern Nevada : Developing and implementing a county-wide strategy that will produce a 5-year plan for environmental education on Clark County public lands. Partners: Clark County School District, local museums, and state and local agencies.


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