Vision Driven

The Public Lands Institute will become a nationally recognized, trusted partner in conducting and facilitating high-quality research, education, and outreach that promote greater stewardship and sustainability of natural and cultural resources.

Public Lands Institute Brochure

Mission Motivated

The Public Lands Institute will be fully engaged in strengthening the national fabric that is essential for the protection, multiple use, sustainability, and management of public lands.

Core Values

  • We are responsive to our partners/clients and produce high-quality products that reflect the best practices in the field.
  • We engage in activities that make a difference and have a positive impact on the environment for future generations.
  • We are integrally connected to our community and are committed to community engagement, embracing new partnerships.
  • We approach our work with integrity, honesty, accountability, and professionalism.
  • We emphasize results by encouraging productivity, creativity, and product development.

Public Lands Institute 4505 Maryland Parkway RAJ 280 Box 452040 Las Vegas, Nevada 89154-2040 Phone 702-895-4678 Fax 702-895-5166 Email